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Holy crap. There was just a car accident really close to my house. I came back from putting my laundry in the dryer in Baldwin, and a few minutes later, Katie told me there was a head-on collision at the intersection a house away. One car got its front smashed up, and the other lost a fender. I think the people were ok, since they were standing on the sidewalk and I didn't see/hear any ambulances. But I can see police cars outside my window, and North Main is all backed up now. Katie said she thinks they were both student cars. I walked outside and took some pictures (I felt kind of bad, standing there snapping pictures while all hell was breaking loose) and one of my house, so I'll probably post them in my picture journal later. I also want someone to take pictures of me with and without my cloak, since I'm wearing my pretty gothy Renaissancey dress today and it's a very rare occasion when I wear something girly. I feel so... feminine. And weird. Word of advice: Don't do laundry on a day when you're wearing a dress with enormous bell sleeves, they get in the way when you're trying to transfer wet stuff to the dryer.

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