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I ENVY swedishfishnets! DUDE! YOU GOT TO HUG JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL! I'M USING THE CAPS LOCK! Hee. JCM is such a sexy bitch, no matter what gender he plays. He's the original Hedwig! He's a creative genius, and if I had a fraction of his talent, I'd be blessed. *squeal* I love that shirt he's wearing in the picture... I gotta move to CA someday. Everything happens there, not like in PA.

Wow, today was bipolar. I got a 54% on my psych test and later received a notice in my mailbox saying I'm in danger of failing the class so I need to meet with the professor. To quote one of my favorite Megan poems, "fuck the fucking fuckers." And I didn't study for my chem test until about an hour before I took it, but I think I did a semi-decent job except for one part where I completely forgot how to find the percentages of elements in whatever it was. So I just wrote some random stuff that was probably really wrong and said that lead was the flux. Hopefully she'll pity me and at least give me partial credit for attempting the problem. To top it all off, I didn't feel well earlier (I'm ok, it was a temporary, cureable thing).

Anyway, the day went on and I was sullen and gloomy until after Golem, when Ben and Nick stuck around (as usual) until around 2:30 am. Although I completely forgot to meet my group for one of my classes until one of the guys CALLED me right as I was about to make nachos. Ah well. I scurried off to that, and afterwards we had nachos, played Uno, talked, and were generally silly for several hours. I love Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the writers' house, they're always entertaining.

Sleep beckons. I have to be up by 1 pm tomorrow. *grins* And I also feel like a young, female version of a dirty old man when I see pictures of friends of friends and think "ooh, (s)he's pretty cute" and go look at their journals even though they're high schoolers and therefore young enough to feel guilty about scoping out. Odd, that rarely happens, but it's annoying when it does because it reminds me that I'm a socially inept, aging 20-year-old who still thinks she's 15. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you, but I feel like I can't look at things I can't have. It's like visiting a cheese factory when you're lactose intolerant. Or something. Gahh, I'm lovable, what am I talking about? You all love me, right? Not necessarily *that* way, but in a general, friendly way?

That's it, enough blabbering, goodnight. I'll screw my head back on tomorrow.

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