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Hmmm... I'm creating a D&D character, a cross-dressing female half-giant, probably a cleric. I'm contemplating the name Fridwulfa (if you know where that name comes from, you get a gold star), but I'm open to other suggestions.

And we have a kitten now! If you're on campus, you should come see! He's a gray tabby, 3 months and 2 weeks, and I think he's part Siamese. He has a long, oriental nose and a loud voice, characteristics of the Siamese breed (I'm a cat lady, I know these things). He was really scared when Jamie and Tom brought him home, but he's adjusting. Tom said he was really friendly when they got him at the shelter, but after several shots, a microchip implant, being stuffed in a tiny box, and going to a new place, no wonder the little guy is terrified. Jamie is going to keep him in her room for the first few days, then he can wander the upstairs. I'm so excited! Now we must come up with a name for him. Since he'll be one of the writers' house kitties, I think it should be a name from literature. We have a full house now. 6 girls, 2 boys, a mannequin, a cat, a kitten, and sea monkeys. Yes, I have sea monkeys.

I want to make pumpkin cookies for the Golem poetry reading on Wednesday. Sara and I may go shopping tomorrow. Mmm, pumpkin cookies. I love Halloween. I just hope my feet don't freeze when I wear flip flops on Friday.

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