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We had a very unproductive Tuesday group since very few people came (Ben, Emily, and Robertson came, and we didn't write, just talked, and Nick came over after Emily and Robertson left). I have stuff due tomorrow that I haven't worked on. But at least I talked to my psych professor about why I'm pretty close to failing, and perhaps next time I'll form better study habits.

I called home today to talk about the new kitten. Katie said she had a dream where I married Nick and only a few people showed up. We're going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving (finally!), and we're staying home for Christmas, but a couple days afterwards, we're going to Massachusetts (Em, we MUSTMUSTMUST get together, I don't care if I have to hijack my uncle's car). And Pop Pop has prostate cancer. Weeeee.

I started eating one of my pomegranates today. Such an interesting flavor. But if you eat too much of it, you start getting little mouth sores. 'Tis to be enjoyed in moderation.

And I'm worried about someone, but I don't want to talk about it here.

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