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RIP, Hal Clement. The literary world will miss you!

I accomplished stuff today! Huzzah! I also figured out how to skirt around the annoying greatestjournal-won't-upload-my-damn-photos issue, so I updated my photo journal. Go see pictures of me in costume! And random pictures from after last night's poetry reading (mostly of Ben, since he sat across from me)! And Dude the kitten!

Yesterday my mom sent me my winter pjs, a refill of my medication, and these nifty black pj bottoms with white eyes on them. I also got a plastic pumpkin full of candy! Yay!

Dude is so cute. He's loud and kind of annoying (it's the Siamese blood), but he's sweet and friendly and is on my lap now. Apparently he gets along with Sam (Carolyn's people-phobic cat), and they were even playing together.

Last night was the poetry reading, and it went fairly well. I made pumpkin cookies and wore the cow suit (I would have worn a bandana and carried a squirt gun, but I had no time to rummage around in my room for them). The cookies were good (Nick had about 20), and Nick molested my udders. *giggles*

Yay, tomorrow is Halloween! I suppose I should do something religious, since I'm a pagan. Well, I'm going to make an interesting Lilo (a white older version of Lilo, perhaps), and I hope it's not so cold that I freeze my toes off while walking around in flip flops.

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