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Well, last night was certainly an interesting night. Full of Halloween excitement, among other things. I dressed as Lilo and carried around my sister's Stitch plushie. After classes and lunch, I wandered around Meadville with Nick and Ben, then Ben and I carved my pumpkin into a pointy-teethed cyclops with pumpkin guts dribbling out of its jaws. Yes, there will be pictures. Soon there will be many pictures from Halloween this year... *evil laugh* including some very, uh... interesting ones. Anyway, I baked the pumpkin seeds, and Nick came over and I dressed him in the hula skirt and coconut bra. It was quite... amusing. We went to the Argo Halloween thing (more interesting costumes!) and watched a few episodes of Hellsing before going to my house and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. We went back to the Argo party and watched Donnie Darko (Megan demanded that I see it, and I'm glad she did - I liked it, weirdness, creepiness, disturbingness, and all), and I was going to go see Rocky Horror at the AGP house at midnight, but it was a bit late. So Nick stayed around for a while. Phew, what a night.

The night was interesting for other reasons too, but I'll save it for my private journal (ade_a_roni).

Well, today marks the beginning of Nanowrimo. I will bid my sanity farewell as I embark on a journey of 50,000 words. I promise I'll eat two meals a day (do cheez-its count as a meal?) and sleep at least 3 hours a night... but knowing me, I'll probably either gain or lose 10 pounds, withdraw from society, forget to take my meds, and go insane. But on the first day of December, I'll return to "normal" (whatever that is for me...). Phew. *dies*

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