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Current Nanowrimo word count: 350/50,000 (0.7%)

I promised myself I'd write 1700 words a day. Have I? Obviously not yet. Well, yesterday was busy and all... and even when I was at home, I chose to play freecell and talk to people online instead of writing, because I'm a sillyhead. But I wanted to talk to people! Oh well. Today I will write. I don't know if I have any urgent homework due tomorrow, but I'll check later. Hee, I don't have much of an idea where chapter 1 is going... oh well.

Last night was quite interesting too, but not as interesting as Halloween. Nick, Ben, and I went to see "A Hard Day's Night" (hilarious), then went to Pizza From Mars, then to the Vegan house party. Drunk people were dancing, therefore it was very amusing. Well, not all of them were drunk. Nick wasn't drunk, and he was jumping and flailing all over the place. Weeeee! I sat and watched most of the time, and I wish I'd brought my camera, because I'd have some great blackmail shots. Well... I already have some great blackmail shots from the last party they had... muhahahahahaaaa...

I didn't get out of bed until around 2:45 today! Go me! Eh, I should have a shower and eat, then see if I have any important homework before I start writing my little hands off.

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