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i am extremely intelligent and very wise. i think logically and rhetorically in order to get problems solved. if i'm not mad now, i'm getting very close.

how mad are you?

this quiz was made by piksy

I like the caterpillar. He's just fun, even if he smokes too much. Madness is fun. Weeeee!

Weee, it's 1:47, I'm still in my pjs, and I keep forgetting to contact people who can give me info I need for a project. I think I have a chem retest later today (I got a 79, which wasn't bad, but if I can pull off an A in chemistry, Pop Pop will be happy and give me money since he really values math and science and I'm an English major...). I also need to bug a professor about a junior seminar next semester sometime and talk to Nesset (ulp) about registering for classes. Blarg. Oh yeah, and my novel.

I've been neglecting everything recently. I get up and go about the day and go to classes, but I don't do the homework, I forget to do things, and I spend too much time playing freecell. I don't know what's going on in my life, and when I got carried away the other night, I realized that I've just stopped caring about the things that are usually important to me. I'm not depressed at the moment, just lazy and apathetic. It's weird, I change main moods every few days. Maybe tomorrow I'll be hyper and silly, who knows?

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