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Advice of the day: When you're in a hurry to go somewhere and haven't eaten all day, don't make ramen or anything hot. You'll just burn your mouth if you try to gulp it down in a hurry, and then your tongue and the roof of your mouth will feel funny all day. Yes, I speak from personal experience.

I took the chem retest, and I think I did better, since I didn't get completely lost on any of the questions this time, and I only struggled with a couple of the problems (fortunately, they weren't worth many points). Oddly enough, I think that's my best class this semester even though it's the one I struggle to understand the most. But that's because the professor is nice and really helpful and stuff. Oh yes, and I have stuff due tomorrow and I'm sitting here being counterproductive again. But at least I'm proud of myself, because apparently I have more self-control than most other people. Ha! I am awesome! *accidentally sets self on fire*

I love fall. The piles of leaves, the pumpkin pie, the mud, the gourds, the tacky Halloween decorations, carving pumpkins, the wind rustling through the trees... it's all so beautiful. A lot of people associate fall with death, but it makes me feel so alive. I remember when I lived in Connecticut and my dad would rake all the leaves, then I'd romp in the leaf piles and my dad would push me around in the wheelbarrow. So much fun. Last time I raked leaves and then jumped in them (last year), I scraped my leg on a stick and probably bruised my hip. People over 100 pounds should be careful when jumping into seemingly innocent leaf piles.

Today was also a big step in getting Sam (Carolyn's nice but people-phobic cat) to socialize. This afternoon, as I was leaving the bathroom, I saw Sam in the hallway (he almost never leaves Carolyn's room). When he saw me, he ran back into Carolyn's room but stopped just inside the door and looked at me. I slowly sat down and extended my palm, and he cautiously approached me, sniffed my fingertips, then ran back to Carolyn's room (yes, I had washed my hands after going to the bathroom). He looked at me again but didn't approach me, so I slowly got up and went back to my room. That was pretty impressive. Sam is terrified of all but 3 or 4 people, and he actually came within arms length of me. Carolyn rescued him from a dumpster a few years ago, and he must have been abused since he's so afraid of people. He's more afraid of people than my cat Belle is (she'll sometimes approach females, but she avoids almost all males). Sara said that she thinks Dude is helping Sam feel comfortable. They get along and play together sometimes, and I think that if Sam sees Dude interacting with people in a positive way, he might begin to trust us more if he sees that we're nice and gentle. Most cats seem to know that I'm a cat person, and they warm up to me quickly, and I hope Sam will too. I don't expect him to be cuddly and allow me to pet him much, but I hope he learns that I'm nice, I love cats, and I won't hurt him.

Oh yes, and I just wanted to say that Aragorn is hotter than Legolas. Thank you. *dodges fireballs from Legolas fans*

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