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9 in 10 kids 8-16 yrs. have viewed porn online, mostly accidentally while doing homework (UK News Telegraph, NOP Research Group, 1/07/02).

And if by "homework" you mean "typing 'pussy' into Google image search..."
Heh, I can just imagine...
Hi mom, I'm going to do my sex ed homework now... I need to look up a diagram of the (fe)male reproductive organs... yeah... and, uh, do a self exam for uh, penile/clitoral cancer... ahhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH... yeah, no cancer there... better double check. And I have to study this full-color photograph of the vulva/penis to uh... memorize the terms and locations! Ohhhh! Yes! I'm getting an A in this class!

Ooookay, now that most of you are probably staring at the above paragraph in both horror and amusement, I'll talk about something else. I got a 71.5 on the chem retest... but I got a 79 on the original. Ah well... she said she'd count the 79. When I saw the exam, I think I was too amused to be disappointed or frustrated that I took the retest for no reason. Apathy saved me from killing someone.

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