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Guess what I'm doing! I'm WRITING! Hahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I just put on "The Forbidden Zone" soundtrack and started typig away. When in doubt, switch scenes and introduce a new character. Meet Annie's best friend, Andy the God of Natural Disasters. I decided to give him a bit of a makeover - he seemed a bit too boyish in Squishy Day (of course, I wrote it when I was 16, so he's changed a bit anyway). So now he has a bit of a man-beard, and he's a lot more mature than Annie so he brings her back to reality when she gets out of hand. They have one of those ambiguous relationships, and Pele keeps trying to get them together, but they're too shy to admit they like each other.

Heh, I start with actually writing my story and then end up talking about it in LJ...

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