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Wow. Talking on the phone with Megan is always hilarious, because our conversations go to hell almost immediately. I miss Megan! She needs to come visit sometime, preferrably for Tuesday group!

Random quotes:
"The main purpose of water is to be drunk!"
- Megan

"S&M is funny when you're involved!"
- Ade

"Sex can wait, masturbate!"
- Katie (she came in my room out of the blue just to tell me that)

Oh yes, and Ninja Hedwig would be very amusing. I think I need to watch Hedwig tonight. It would help my writing. It's so inspirational. And no, my novel isn't about a transsexual.

I'm in the middle of "The Sandman: Endless Nights." 'Tis amazing. I really like the Desire story. Pretty pictures.... if only I could write/draw like that... after I finish reading Nick's copy, I just might have to buy my own so I can stare at it every day and use it as a model of greatness.
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