Ade (agentfroot) wrote,


my sis and i found this little newborn bunny yesterday. our cat had brought it in but it was fine, so we named it trix and cared for it until this evening, when we took it to a wildlife rehab center. aww, little trix is so cuuuuuuuuute! i hope he survives!

in other news, i worked at my dad's client's office today and then sat in on a long business meeting at einstein's bagels and doodled and wrote stuff. but at least i got to meet emma, the new marketing person. ah, the grownup world. i know i'll make absolutely no money at first as a freelance writer, but i figure after i graduate, i'll get a basic job based on my MINOR (whatever i decide to minor in - maybe psych or compsci or something) and rent an apartment and basically live off my salary until a publisher realizes how absolutely brilliant my novels and stories are and i climb the bestseller list. this is, of course, if i don't manage to publish a bestseller by the time i graduate college. hey, i have 3 years left. i'm sure i can crank out a few novels and send them off to publishers. i'm building connections, too. while writing isn't as easy as it seems, i basically have this muse constantly hanging over my shoulder so i never run out of ideas (in fact, they all pile up and i feel like the guy in that one Sandman graphic novel who had to write the ideas on a wall in blood and destroyed his fingers because he abused a muse and morpheus cursed him. well, maybe not that extreme...). i know i'm a damn good writer too, because i've won writing awards and had a play that megan and i wrote READ, so i know i'm destined for greatness. everyone else knows it too. in high school, people would always say that when i'm more famous than jk rowling, they'll say they knew me as a kid and i'll give them autographs for free. see, people have faith in me! even i have faith in me! now all i gotta do is get beyond chapter 2 of this novel i started 2 1/2 years ago, abandoned, then picked back up a week ago. i can do it! i'm going to get this one published! or i'll at least try!

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