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I am now registered for all of my classes next semester! Yay! *falls over* And on the way to Bentley, a magnificent gust of wind blew by, and I had to stop for a moment because it was so strong I could barely push forward. I'm glad I don't weigh 90 pounds. A gust that strong would have knocked a lighter person over.

I got my Nano shirt today! Perhaps it will motivate me to write. Thus, I will wear it every day for the rest of the month. Weeeee!

...the 297-word short short I wrote for Tuesday group! I actually like this one quite a bit.
Cheerleader Cannibal

Dedicated to the Alphans

I sat on the steps of the senior high, my emaciated stomach growling. I wished I had eaten more than just two crackers yesterday, perhaps part of a salad or even some Diet Coke. Alas, I refused to give in to my desires. No food until I dropped to a size 12. A size 12 in kids, that is.
Tiffany and Allie walked by, swinging their tiny hips so that their cheerleading skirts swished to reveal their panties. Their uniforms clung to their skeletons like tinted plastic wrap. Oh dear, thinking about food again.
Seeing Allie's firm, tan thighs sent a shiver down my spine. I wanted her. Tiffany was nothing. No meat on those bones, just skin and hair. But Allie... she had muscles.
I slowly stood, feeling the void in my stomach tear at my senses. Must... eat... I followed them to Johnny Peterson's pickup truck. They waited there after practice every day so he could drive them home and try to cop a feel.
They giggled and fixed each other's makeup, and I crept closer. I hunted through my backpack for a weapon. Damn anti-weapon rules, all I had was a #2 pencil. That would work.
I somehow managed to skewer both of them onto one pencil. It took a moment of calculation to get the angling right, but it worked. I had my meat. I swiped a cigarette lighter from Johnny's truck and carried my meal to the woods. Though their combined weight was less than 100 pounds, I staggered from my own weakness.
There in the woods I roasted them and gnawed on their bones. Their skulls were nice and crunchy, but there were no chewy brains inside. Alas. With cheerleaders, you get all of the crunch but none of the chew.

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