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Ah, there's nothing like stepping out of the shower and finding a used condom on the bathroom floor. Gross. Definitely wasn't mine. It's called a trash can, people - learn to use it!

I'm working on my novel this weekend (I figure I'll be mostly caught up if I get to 20,000 words by tomorrow night). 4,550 words at the moment, so I'm still lagging, but I'll get there. I need a bit of help though. One of the main characters gets tipsy in this chapter, but since I don't drink, I don't know what that feels like, and I'm not about to go find out. So how does it feel to be tipsy, and how does it feel to be downright tanked? I figure she'll be at her best friend's house where the adults are having a party, and they both sneak some alcohol and end up doing something silly.

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