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Life is a very complex thing to you. You don't understand why there's hate, when we should all love each other. Most things bring you pain, slow painful emotional pain. You know someday you'll unlock the secrets of the universe, but right now all you want to do is lay down and think for awhile. Try not to cry.

yep. that's me.

anyway, i spent most of the day at my dad's client's office, doing database work. not the most fun thing to do, but i'm getting paid, and we went to brueggers for lunch. that leonardo da veggie sandwich is sooooo good... mmm yumyumyummy...
i talked to my aunt online, and she's recovering pretty well from her post-heart-bypass infection. my cousin is graduating in a few days, so she's busy as anything. i sure hope she gets better.

i'm hungry.

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