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Ah, another day wasted. Ha! Well anyway, yesterday I intended to go to Brooks for dinner and ended up running into Nick. We decided to do something for Ben's "birthday" (it was actually last week, but his old driver's license was a week off) so we decided to take him out to dinner. We went to Ben's room and hung out for a while, then went out to this Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, we watched The Hobbit and a few Powerpuff Girls episodes at Nick's house. I didn't get back home until around 4:30 am, I didn't go to bed until after 5, and I didn't drift into deep sleep for 2 hours. Weeee! And today I just kind of sat around, only wrote a little bit, and played Age of Mythology for a while. I bet I have lots of stuff due tomorrow that I don't even know about yet! Ahahahahahahahahahaaaaa... *collapses*

And of course I'm having another battle between my conscience and my instincts. If you read ade_a_roni, you probably know what I'm talking about, but if not, that's ok too. I feel like I'm in junior high or something. Things are just happening so fast, and my sense of self-control seems to have gone on vacation for a few weeks. I feel like I should be feeling guilty for what happened, but I don't. Nobody got hurt, nothing too serious happened, and it was fun, dammit! But I do feel kinda bad that the other person involved feels guilty. And I feel bad that I started laughing at the wrong moment and then couldn't stop shaking. Well... stuff happens. It's college, we're supposed to do crazy things. Last night's incident will probably haunt me (not necessarily in a bad way) for the next few weeks, but it doesn't matter.

Ooh, my hairy phallic cactus is growing these little things on the top of it, like buds of arms or something. The tip of it gets squished or broken every time it goes in the car, but if I water it every week, it grows new stuff pretty quickly. Hey, if the tip starts sprouting off in different directions, it won't look phallic any more, and I won't snicker every time I look at it. Hehe my housemates once told me it looked phallic, and I haven't been able to get that out of my head ever since. Gosh, I'm so immature, I have a 3rd grade sense of humor. Male anatomy still cracks me up. If I ever get around to losing my virginity, I'll probably end up pointing and laughing at my significant other's package, and he'll take it the wrong way and get all offended and stuff. Oh well. Heh... right, cactuses. Never grab a cactus in the dark. Ouch.

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