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quote of the day (sometimes my writing fiction class can be so amusing):
Ade: But I'm a cat lady!
Nesset: So am I!
Ade (plus half the class): You're a cat lady?
Nesset: Yeah!

Hehe. The guy may be a narrow-minded-when-it-comes-to-literature perverted asshole, but he does have a few redeeming qualities. *sigh* I miss the cats. Dude and Sam won't be back until after Thanksgiving break, and Belle and Moccasin are carrying on at home without me...

I slept through my first class (psych) today! Yeehaw! So I didn't get my exam back. Ah well. I probably failed again or got a C at the very most, so I can put off the horrible angst and depression for another 2 days. Oddly enough, the Argo meeting ran pretty smoothly with no major arguments or insanity. So today was ok. I think I'll go shopping tomorrow (I also need to get cash since I'm down to $6 and owe Nick some money from Saturday's dinner anyway) and then make egg rolls. Mmm, egg rolls. If it snows while I'm walking to town tomorrow, I'll hurt someone.

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