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I was getting a bottle of gatorade from the cupboard yesterday and noticed my bottle of dry sherry in the back (it's for cooking purposes only, and my mom got it for me). I had never read the label before, but I noticed it said "Christian Brothers." I immediately thought of Laura and burst out laughing. Ah, amusement.

MORE amusement
a good day for GLBT Massachusettsians

Hehe, Massachusettsians... making up words is fun! Yay, I'm going there in a little over a month! And next week I'm going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. It will be nice to corrupt see my little cousins again. My mom emailed me and said my grandma asked what I wanted for Christmas, so she told her I'd like cooking supplies and stuff. Yep, that sounds good. I'd like a wok and a cheese grater. I don't really know what else I want this year except a new printer since mine sucks and randomly broke anyway. I think my mom wants to get me a tea set, which would be nice. I have lots of "stuff" already, but if my relatives get me stuff I can use now and after I graduate, that'd be nice. Or gift certificates, since I'm always buying stuff there. I don't know... I always feel guilty asking for stuff. But I always like getting food! My grandma got me this huge box of ramen last year, it was awesome. I'm still going through it.

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