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Ah, nothing like homemade egg rolls. And crab rangoons. Hehe I'm the resident caucasian asian chef. I should make wonton soup sometime. That would be awesome. We made it in cooking class in high school. But Yum Wok has the best wonton soup. I miss going there. Next time I'm in Pittsburgh I'll have to go there again. I remember the time I went with Kathy and someone else and she was staring out the window and making goofy faces at people. Ah, those were the days.

I got my sister a wizard's chess set for her 14th birthday (it's the 27th). She probably thinks chess is geeky, but if it's Harry Potter-related, she might approve. Her birthday keeps falling on Thanksgiving. I'm just thankful I had 6 1/2 nice, peaceful years as an only child before she arrived. I loved being an only child. Oohboy, I can't wait til Thanksgiving break. I want to help cook the Thanksgiving dinner. I want to be able to make something all by myself without my mom or another relative hanging over my shoulder. Maybe I'll make something ethnic.

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