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Oddly enough, this webcomic reminds me of the Argo folks 5 years from now...

Yesterday I had another crazy idea. When summer arrives, we should stake a great big tarp or a bunch of garbage bags on the writers' house lawn. Then we get a hose and have a great big slip'n'slide. That would be awesome.

Quote of the day:
"I believe that the Christian god exists. I believe that the Muslim god exists. Are they my god? No, neither one."
- Tori Amos (in this interview)

And I must agree with that.

I have these little bumps on top of my head now. I've been pulling out too much hair recently, especially from around the part, and now I have all these little bumps. Pooey. Eh, they'll go away. My hair will grow back, it'll just be spikier on top. Blarg. I'd wear wigs more often, but they feel funny and get itchy. Right now I have a rainbow clown wig and blue and black wigs. I want a Hedwig wig, that would be amazing. I'd put it on my mannequin and she could be sexy.

Dude, I just found out we've had a Caflisch key (for laundry) in this house for weeks! Aagghh, and I've been dragging all my laundry to Baldwin! Well, I suppose having a Caflisch key is good. I need to go exploring sometime and find the laundry room there. But I'm hoarding all my laundry so I can do it when I go home on Tuesday. I ran out of quarters anyway.

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