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Your Sexual Energy is Yellow!

You have the sensuality of a goddess or spiritual temptress.

And you feel that your sexual energy comes from a deep source.

You love to tease and foreplay is by far your greatest sexual talent.

You feel the sun's light streaming through you and you reflect that energy into your partner.

You enjoy both giving and taking.

You feel completely equal and at peace during foreplay.

You have immense patience and love to touch in all of the right spots.

You tend to keep home lovers who have endured your seduction for extended periods of time.

You like to see your lovers over and over again to insure that they are completely yearning for you.

If you want to spice up your sex life, add a bit of raw sexuality.

Maybe a few silk scarves, or some erotica to share together?

Bring in fantasy and fun, and that will mix with your sexy spiritual self just delightfully!

Kate Hudson and Cate Blanchett both know how to light up a room with their yellow sexual energies.

People who hare sexual energies of red, green, and pink are a good match for you.

What Color is Your Sexual Energy?

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Erm... *blushes* I suppose so...

pink passion

Your Passion is Pink!

You're a bit innocent when it comes to sex.

Not that you're not experienced...

You've just prevented your heart from being corrupted.

You're passionate, in time, but it takes a while for your colors to deepen.

What Color Is Your Passion?

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Evil color, but I'd agree... I've only done a *little* experimenting...


You Are a Switch!

Top. Bottom. Giver. Taker. You can't make up your mind.

And truth is, why should you? Kink is wildest when you can switch roles.

You're ability to get off in all sorts of ways makes you a versitile lover.

You can get along with a sub or dom(me) - but another switch is what really blow your mind

Are You Dominant or Submissive?

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Haha... I'm not into BDSM stuff, I just think it's funny!

Innocent Angel
Innocence. A true angel. Probaly a younger one. Not
yet shown the real way of this planet. Lemme
give you some advice, stay that way, for as
long as you can. The pure make it.

^*>,<*^Which Anime Angel Are You^*>,<*^
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Your Sexual Power Animal is a Bat!

Surprisingly cuddly and touchy

Sex is nice, no doubt

You just prefer the long snuggles afterward

And while you may not make like a bat and cuddle for a year

You expect your sweetie to stay in your arms all night

What's Your Sexual Power Animal?

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zero people

You Will Have Sex With 0 People!

Ah, things aren't looking that good for you

It seems like you haven't had sex yet

Maybe you're still young - but maybe you're sexphobic.

If you don't want to die a virgin, you've got to act soon!

How Many People Will You Have Sex With?

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Hahahaaaa... funny. I do want to lose my virginity *sometime* before I die, just not anytime soon...

maybe boyfriend

There is 50-50 CHANCE of a boyfriend in your future.

You�re interested, most of the time, but also rather unsure of how to
proceed. It�s like your mom or older sister never took you by the hand,
led you into the garden and had the heart-to-heart instructional talk
that other girls seem to have had.

You know the one, with all the juicy stuff about how to handle men.
But don�t feel like you�re missing out; you�re not! You�re learning
the ropes and eventually you�ll reach the point where you�re beating
men off with a stick.

Is There A Boyfriend In Your Future?

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You need a boyfriend like you need a hole in the head.

There�s been drama.

There have been words.

Breakable items have been thrown.

In short, men are trouble and you want no part of them for any reason.

Conventional wisdom says they�re from Mars...

And that actually is not quite far enough away as far as you�re concerned.

Send them all to Pluto!

And the chances of your changing your mind are slim to none.

But that�s okay. We need to hate certain things in life...

So we�ll appreciate the things we love all the more.

Do You *Need* a Boyfriend?

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Your Tongue's Talent is Kissing!

You're the shy, silent type. You haven't had much experience at all, and you keep it quiet.

You love playing sweet and innocent, but you have naughty fantasies too. Your sweet little tongue is perfect for teasing.

You love to get your lovers all excited. But you can't keep letting them down, or you'll be left lonely.

Come out of your shell a little, experiment with new things. You've mastered kissing... it's time to be a little more daring!

You'd be most compatible with a Pussy Licker! This expert tongue magician will show you what's only been in your fantasies. You're inexperienced, so you don't want to go full blown just yet. A Pussy Licker will slowly inch towards the dark side.

What's Your Tongue's Talent?

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Woot! Kissing is weird.

shower head

Your Masturbation Method Should be Using The Shower Head!

You like getting wet and are kinda secretive.

Masterbate in the shower where you are not very likely to get caught.

What's *Your* Masturbation Method?

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*cracks up* Oh my...

sleeping beauty

You Get Off on Sleeping Beauty!

You awake one morning in a silky nightie with your hair and makeup perfectly done, ...

And who should arrive but a Handsome Prince - whose lips work that magic spell.

A spell that's sure to wake you faster than a short-circuit in your electric blanket.

Hey, you're happy to let someone else do the work,

And you can always catch up on your beauty sleep later, princess.

What Fairy Tale Gets *You* Off?

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flaming queen

You Are a Flaming Queen!

Oooh, honey. You're more femme than femme.

Some may think your antics are over the top, but you know that you are the queen with the most style.

Prance that beautiful body around town, and any man is your prey.

fruit loops

You Taste Like Fruit Loops!

Sweet, colorful, and crunchy.

With enough chemicals to kill

A family of four. Sugar coated fangs!

What Do *You* Taste Like?

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