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Well, I'm leaving today. At lunch I heard there was no Argo meeting, so I figured there was no point in staying on campus after 2:30 today. I borrowed Ben's cell and called my mom, and she's coming to get me around 4. So I have an hour and a half to pack and stuff. We just watched a video in chem about the mysterious disappearance of a viking colony in Greenland, and while I found it fascinating (I'm an archaeology geek), it was also depressing. The people most likely starved to death during a mini ice age, and the church wouldn't let them learn survival skills from the heathen Inuits. Alas. It makes me glad that my religion teaches acceptance and respect for other religions. I'm pretty eclectic too - I find wisdom in many religions, particularly Hinduism, Christianity, and various forms of paganism. But as for the vikings, it wasn't religion that prevented them from learning to adapt, it was the church's hold on them. While many crimes and disasters have happened in the name of religion, I believe that religion itself isn't to blame, it's the church and other human institutions that botch everything. I can just picture the Christian God sighing with His head in His hands and mumbling, "Stupid people, your ignorance is suicide! Just talk to the Inuits, they're doing fine and you're all dying! I don't care if they worship me or not, they're the ones who know what they're doing!" Ah well. Silly people.

Anyway, I should start packing and stuff. Toodeloo.

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