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Well, I'm home now. Mox seems fine, he has one of the sheepskins in the cage with him so he'll at least be comfortable even though he's probably bored and lonely. They spelled his name "Mocassin" on the medical thingy, and I found that irritating. Silly people, it's spelled "Moccasin!" So says the spelling whiz. I named him, and I named him with the correct spelling of the word, thankyouverymuch. Ok, enough of that. I just hate seeing names spelled wrong (especially since people spell mine wrong almost constantly, though I can kind of understand since it's an unusual name and there are many spelling possibilities).

I have tomorrow free... anyone in Murrysville/Pittsburgh/somewhere-in-this-vicinity want to get together? I'll be around on Wednesday morning too, I don't know when we leave for NC but apparently we'll get there late at night.

My dad got me a new printer! Hahaaaaaa, no more dealing with my old crappy-ass I-don't-feel-like-printing-today printer! It lasted 2 1/2 years before it decided it wasn't going to feed the paper through any more. Ben tried to fix it but it was still being stupid, and now my dad is going to try. But I got another photo printer! The old one printed decent photos, but it was a slow thinker, an ink guzzler, had constant errors, and it was annoyingly loud to boot. But now I can rejoice, for now I don't have to resort to using the lab printers! Weeee! I got more CD-Rs too, since I ran out.

And Pop Pop sent me another check today, the guy is so sweet and generous, I just feel sorry for him since he's horribly depressed and all alone now. He lives in an assisted living place with other folks his age, but he still feels lonely. Poor guy.

Well, time to get my laundry out of the dryer (clean pjs!) and stuff. Ta ta.

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