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My neighbor Ben has the same size hands and feet as me. He's 5. I'm 20. He's 1/4 my age and we could probably exchange shoes and gloves. He's almost as tall as me too, he's up to my shoulders. That's sad. But I was at the pet store today, getting a big dog cage for Moccasin (he keeps escaping from the makeshift one, and he's on strict cage rest for 2 weeks or until his foot gets better), and the lady there was my height. Hee, little old Italian ladies are cute. Heck, little old ladies of any culture are adorable, especially if they have poofy blue hair and wear shawls and spectacles. Yup, being short is awesome. When I get old and shrink, I'll probably be a 4 foot tall crinkly lady with wild faded purple hair who hobbles around chasing small children with her cane. Fwahahahahahaaaa...

I went to lunch with CJ today, it was nice to have a decent conversation with an off-campus friend for once. 'Twas lovely.

I made dinner tonight since my mom went to something in Pittsburgh. Next time I try to sautee stuff, perhaps I should heat the oil before dumping in the veggies so they don't absorb the oil and get all icky. Ah well. I don't like squash and eggplant anyway. At least the meatball sauce, pasta, and cranberry bread turned out ok (didn't try the bread yet, but it looks and smells good).

My dad works at CMU, and he comes in contact with lots of people with interesting (usually ethnic) names. He once had to contact someone whose name was something like Ishot Mawad. I find that hilarious. My sis didn't get it, so explaining it to her was interesting.

Random quotes:
"I'm working on failing my test! I mean... close enough."
- Katie

"Katie, I need to take pictures of you with or without the clothes on."
- Dad (he was referring to a blacksmith outfit, it had to do with my sister's school project, but the way he said it was hilarious)

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