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Well, I'm back at school. I came in my room and stopped dead in my tracks. Alice the mannequin stood there in nothing but a cowboy hat, feather boa, and a zebra thong, dangling her bra from one hand and holding a condom in the other. Jeez, I leave her alone for a few days and she goes wild. I found it hilarious though, and so did my dad. I'm just glad he was the one who took me back to school and not my mom... he's the one with the sense of humor.


Friend that knows you the best? spikeslustylove (Spammykins!)

Friend you have known the longest? See above! We've known each other since we were 10.

How many on your friends list? 52 friends (including communities), 41 friends of

Have you ever dated anyone on your friends list? nope

Friends you have met in person? ade_a_roni (that'd be me), audreym (that'd be Nicole/Chibi/Audrey/Saru/whatever, we met during the last year of high school... what a year!), darrkespur (Tom the shirtless kitchen Welsh, we were Alphans), gaaracookies (Nicole again), gaea_truth (Sue, a high school friend), gurmpy (Julie, another Alphan), inajiraarijani (Evil Thom, a college friend), kaneta (Gen, met her at a Parsec meeting earlier this year and she was the Alpha dorm mama), kuuki (Jessica, another college friend), leentigress (Leen, the cannibalistic cheerleader disguised as an Alphan), leonardofelix (Russ, another college friend), luth (John, another college friend), mousse (Brandon, yet another college friend), shui_kelebek (Gen again), sidheaine (Rachel, another Alphan), silverdragon262 (Zara, another Alphan), spikeslustylove (Spam, we've known each other since we were in a Halloween play together back in 5th grade), storyhobbit (Emily, yet another Alphan), sylvrwlf (Jenn, another college friend), and xelfimara (Mara, another Alphan). Phew, I think that's it.

Friends you would most like to meet in person? firelove (D) and omg_wtf_heather (Heatherface)

Friend that makes you laugh the most from their post? omg_wtf_heather cracks me up!

Friend you wish posted more? Oh, the ones that don't post any more or rarely post...

Friend you feel is most like you? Gee, I don't know, they're all so different, yet we have so much in common... I can't answer that.

Last person you added as a friend? probably shui_kelebek

Friend that introduced you to LJ? alteredsketch, though she had a different LJ at the time

Friend you most want to get know better? All of them! That's why they're friended, see?

Do you read someone's journal that is not on your friends list? Just other people's deadjournals and other non-LJ blogs

Friend that is the most unlike you? Oh, I don't know... we all have lots of stuff in common...

Friend that is the most interesting? firelove and omg_wtf_heather

Friends you wish you could be more like? firelove, he has such a distinctive personality and isn't afraid to speak his mind, inajiraarijani, he's just... well, if you know him, you know how he is, and kuuki, she's a superhero and so nice.

Friend that is the oldest? I'm not telling! Nyah!

Friend that is the youngest? either nymphedufeu or swedishfishnets, they're both 15 (right?)

Friend that lives closest to you? hmmm... of all my LJ friends on campus, the ones in Caflisch are closest to the writers' house (but I don't know where half of you live at the moment and if any of you live in Caflisch...)

Friend that lives farthest from you? darrkespur and kaneta are all the way in Wales and England

Friend you think is the most attractive? Oh my... let's see. As for the guys, darrkespur and firelove, and as for the girls... I really don't know. All my friends are sexy bitches! Woot!

Friend you talk to most often? probably inajiraarijani (in person) and storyhobbit (online)

* *you have 1-5 people on your friends list - Say something nice about the 3rd person.
* *you have 6-20 people on your friends list- Say something nice about the 11th person.
* *you have 21-75 people in your friends list - Say something nice about the 21st person.
* *you have 75+ people on your friends list - Say something nice about the 50th person.

That'd be kaneta (Gen), she's very nice and fun and has really long hair!

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