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I'm chaotic good! Somehow I figured I'd get that. I tend to play neutral characters though. Fridwulfa the immensely powerful cross-dressing stone giant fighter is neutral. My first D&D character (Arditiarenne the dwarven monk with the fists of death) was lawful neutral. Hmmm. Maybe next time I'll make a chaotic neutral character because insanity is fun! I wonder what I'd be like if I was a D&D character. I'd probably be some sort of dwarf/human hybrid, but I'm not sure about class. I'd probably use a blend of weapons and magic. I kind of stink at fencing but I'm good at riflery, and I seem to be good with healing spells. Of course, I rarely use magic, and pretty much all the spells I've ever done were healing spells (a friend asked me to do a love spell for her once, but I put very little effort into it and didn't really care, so apparently it didn't work). Hmmm. I think I'd be a decent cleric if I devoted myself to a particular deity.

Oh dear, I talked about D&D for an entire paragraph. It's the Argo influence. Gyaaahhhhh!!!!!! Must... talk... about... something... else!

I got the Age of Mythology: The Titans expansion, and boy is it addicting. A month ago I promised myself the expansion as a reward if I finished my Nanowrimo novel in a month. Did I? Of course not. This is why I need to stay away from game stores... too much temptation. For crying out loud, I have finals coming up, and I really need to kick my grades up, especially since I'm failing psych (I better do well on the final exam...). Ah, distractions.

Nick actually showed up in class today. Well, I've been harassing him about it, so I'm glad he finally did. Nesset may be a (insert long train of colorful language here), but it would still suck to fail.

Oh, and Dude is getting neutered in the next few weeks. Poor little guy...

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