Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

Oh no! Another! Gahhhhhh, they're taking over the world! Hee, this one is kinda silly.
01: what is your first memory of me?
02: how long have we been friends?
03: tell about one memory we share together:
04: describe me in four adjectives:
05: if we could spend a day together what would we do?
06: name one thing you really don't like about me:
07: name one thing you really do like about me:
08: if you could give me a gift what would it be?
09: have we ever gotten in a fight & about what?
10: have we ever hugged?
11: have we ever danced with each other?
12: have you ever seen me cry?
13: have I ever offended you?
14: what is something embarrassing that i've done?
15: what do i usually look like when you see me?
16: what do i say all the time\whats my catch phrase?
17: do you think we will be friends in 5 years?
18: do you think I am bitchy?
19: has there been anything you wanted to tell me, but didn't?
20: what advice would you give me, in general?
21: wanna make out? ;)
22: suggest a band / cd for me to listen to:
23: is there a song that reminds you of me?
24. would you date me?

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