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Argh. Stupid lack of Tuesday group due to a reading... oh well. Ben, Nick, and Robertson came over anyway, and though there was no writing, there was much talking. Occasionally about stuff other than gaming, old tv shows, and comic books! Heh.

So apparently the writers' house pre-winter break party is on the 12th. That's fine with me, but I have a final the next morning that I *really* need to do well on or I'll fail. But last year's party was great fun, except for Nick (since the mistletoe didn't work for him). I really need to dispose of Cyclor though... he's rotting more and more each day, and it's unsanitary. I should go do that NOW before I put it off any more. *sigh* Farewell, Cyclor the Pumpkinator.


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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Yep, figured I'd get this. I'm not horribly depressed though. At least not most of the time, and I do have friends that I *wish* I could be better friends with...

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