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I have a working printer again! A new, quieter one that hopefully doesn't guzzle ink and take forever! Huzzah! Also, it's so nice to snuggle in bed with a cute boy... especially when he purrs and nuzzles your hand when he wants you to stratch him between the ears. *grins*

I'm glad we didn't have a mind-numbingly difficult lab today, and I was very amused by the safety precautions: "Uh, don't eat the pens?" So of course I had this mental image of the teacher finding Thom and me with ink stains around our mouths, gnawing on plastic with crazed expressions. Hehe. I think we had a similar experiment in 11th grade chem... that was also an interesting class. Particularly the day Mr. Selinger told us not to consume whatever it was we were making because it contained phenalthalene... the main ingredient of exlax. It's been 4 years and the word still cracks me up, and EVERYONE knows it. Most of the people in my high school, my college friends (that's what I get for innocently mentioning it at Tuesday group a couple years ago), the Alphans (thanks, Megan), family members, LJ friends, etc. Oh well. I am the exlaxorcist! Bwahahahahaaaaa!!!!!

Ok, now I'm just being silly. Methinks it's time for more gaming before dinner. Ha!

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