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Me encantaria tus pechos!

Hee! Spanish + housemates = fun! Ah, we're so perverted. Right now, Alice the mannequin's hand is in her thong thanks to Katie, and Katie is talking to Dude in the hallways saying "they're gonna cut your balls off!" in a sugar-coated voice. Yep, Dude shall become a eunuch on Thursday. There's this cat teaser set up in the hall so a feathery thing dangles down. Carolyn saw it and said, "Now he can play with himself all day!" *giggles*

I made applesauce cookies (they were decent, would have been decenter if I had an electric mixer) and brought some to the very short Argo meeting. At dinner, half the people at the table were drawing unicorns all over Thom's and my lab report. We should get extra credit for that. I drew a unicow, because I'm weird like that.

Laura called when I was out and ended up talking to Katie for a while about Strong Bad's new CD and how we have to get it, and apparently she was in one of her hyper chatty moods. Hehe, I love Laura. She's a sillyhead. I tried to call back but she wasn't there, and I have the feeling she'll call back later anyway (like when I'm actually trying to study for once).

...And I just got off the phone with Laura. My last words were, "Jesus owns a vibrator! *evil laugh* *click*" Ah, talking to her is always funny. When we were talking, she said something about a Giant Eagle parking lot, and I thought she said giant anal parking lot. *giggles* I turn so vulgar when talking to her, it's hilarious. I guess her uberchristian superprude vibes set off my demonic side. Fwahahahahaaaaa!

I should be doing school stuff. And here I am talking about vibrators and how fun it is to offend Laura. I don't know how she puts up with me. She should get an award for that.

[friend who shall remain anonymous so she doesn't kill me]: oh, and i recovered my bra! *blushes*
blupyglet: yay!
blupyglet: where would you be without it?
: probably in one of my other bras
: and then i'd forget about it, knowing me
blupyglet: hehe
blupyglet: 3 years later you find it, it's become a breeding ground for tiny aliens
: *giggles*
: that would be the silliest thing ever
: especially since it's bright orange
blupyglet: there's a story idea for you!
blupyglet: even better!
: *cracks up*
blupyglet: bras are funny
: they are, though
: and they're the only reason i'm not completely flat
blupyglet: fwahahahaaa
: oh, you laugh
: i've got the least of my entire family
: which is more than half guys
blupyglet: *giggles* it's ok
: know how alanna could pull off being a guy?
blupyglet: at least you're not dangling watermelons like some people
: well, that's me
blupyglet: haha
: what an eloquent description
: you wouldn't believe the picture/short that's popped in my head right now
blupyglet: *giggles* now i'm imagining things again
: *pictures next ade-story*
: *once again, rated R*
blupyglet: somehow i think this story will end up in my final portfolio...
: that's brilliant ^_^
: but sometimes i'm very self-conscious of the fact that i look like--i have less than i did when i was eleven
: how sad is that?
blupyglet: well, luckily it's easier to enhance than tone down
blupyglet: you don't even *need* a bra, why bother?
blupyglet: stick to the cutesy undershirts with the bows!
: *giggles* those are so awesome
: but i'm far too self-conscious

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