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Holy cheese. I was just working on the draft of my web site due tomorrow (it's mostly finished) and was testing the links page. Apparently they moved the lobster magnet site, and the page it linked to was a porn site. Phew, glad I caught that when I did.

I had many interesting dreams last night, including one where I was going to dye this giant/ogre/troll/whatever's hair blue (a light periwinkle blue), and the "dye" looked a lot like candle wax and cost $86. I also dreamed that I was immediately transferring to a Catholic school even though it's finals week, and the principal (who looked/acted a lot like Dr. Sheahan, the principal of Mother of Sorrows school) didn't want me to dye the creature's hair blue. I was arguing against this while standing in an aisle of some store. There was also a dream that took place in my neighbor's yard/house, and I was trying to put on roller skates even though I get really freaked out when there are wheels beneath my feet.

Well, I'm working on my new web site. It's nowhere near finished, but if you want to see it (everything is up and working except the art and writing sections - those are the biggest, and I'm working on them now), here it is!

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