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i've had two harry potter dreams in the past two days. two nights ago, i dreamed that i was downstairs and voldemort was in my room, waiting for me. i guess it was about me, not harry potter. i knew i had to go up and deal with voldemort, and my parents were helping me prepare. i put on my fencing gear, grabbed my sword, and took my BB gun. why i was taking puny muggle weapons (a foil with a rubber tip won't cause much damage, and my BB gun won't hurt anyone unless you whack them over the head with it) and not any powerful magic ones, i don't know. so i decided to go to the bathroom before going upstairs, and i was completely terrified. i knew that this was apparently the second book and i would defeat voldemort, but i remembered that hermione would save me in the third and that she and dumbledore had appeared earlier and driven voldemort away. hmmm, seems my book knowledge was all twisting in my head. i was going to pray and cast a circle around myself after going to the bathroom, but i opened my eyes and realized i was IN my room, alone. i couldn't fall back asleep for another hour, i was pondering the dream. i didn't even get to face voldemort and i was terrified. but outside there was this big storm and it made me feel better. i would have watched out the window, but i was too sleepy, so i lay there and listened to the thunder and rain on the roof. i eventually fell asleep and had more weird dreams of no meaning whatsoever.

last night in the first dream i remember, i was at hogwarts. i was kind of standing in the shadows near professor mcgonagall (maggie smith hehe), and she didn't know i was there. i watched her cast a spell, and two cats were with her. one was my black cat, belle, and the other was a gray one. then she and the two cats sort of combined into one, and they all turned into belle. i thought, whoah, that was odd. so i went and talked to belle for a while. i was aware that mcgonagall was in belle and listening to what i was saying, but i figured it was all right. then there was some part about walking around docks with a few girls in vermont or somewhere. i went into the water and found the skull of apparently a lupe. i guess on the shore were the ghosts of a man and his lupe, and i had to get out of there or i'd be cursed. the ghost lupe, eh? that's it, i've been on neopets too much. ah well. later i dreamed that i was at the birthday party of this weird 44-year-old guy who looked 25, and we were all painting his minivan a really cool shade of green for him (even though it was already green). then i was in a hospital or something, by what appeared to be a locker room. there were 3 rows of hammock-type-things, and megan and a bunch of girls were there. they invited me to play quiddich with them (in hammock thingies?) so i said yes. there were only around 8 of us, so i went and grabbed one of those bat things to hit the bludgers with. megan said i was going to be the seeker so i didn't need one. i said i couldn't be the seeker, i'm too slow and uncoordinated, but i ended up being the seeker anyway. i had a bike helmet with me and put it in one of the locker things. then tarrah (a friend from high school) told me something about where she was staying in the hospital, and i followed her into what was apparently a psychiatric ward. she told me not to go into these two rooms, but when we walked in, i saw the two rooms (apparently one big room) and just looked in and saw the patients. i then left the ward to look for more quiddich players but ended up going back in for some reason. i walked into one big room and saw many people all sitting at tables. on the tables were signs saying what disorders the patients suffered from. i saw 2 people with social anxiety and wanted to join them, but i was just visiting and wondered if i would get in trouble for being there. i saw two other people with social phobia, and i looked around at the other people. they were drawing pictures. i thought, hey, i don't need to be in a mental hospital to draw pictures! after looking around, i went off to sit at a table by myself. i wondered if i should check in to the hospital, but i realized that would be stupid, since i'm FINE right now and i've seen/heard bad things about mental hospitals. my high school friend dj and another guy joined me, and we talked. i think i was drawing a picture too. i said i was visiting the hospital. then they left and i suddenly felt depressed. i was being a hypochondriac and thinking, what if i belong here too? i was holding back tears, but then i woke up. i don't know what that dream was all about, but i never got to play quiddich! drat!

oh well. yesterday my mom took belle to the vet and she had 3 shots. she's been sitting in the same spot on the family room floor ever since. last night we put a towel there, and this morning my dad put a blanket there to make a "nest," and belle is still there, sleeping. she did get up, stretch, and have some food and water today, but i talked to her last night and she was very sedated and quiet. she looked really depressed too. of course, if i had 3 different chemicals running through my veins and sore spots from the needles, i'd be sad and grumpy too. she'll be ok though. she just needs some time to recuperate. by tomorrow, she'll be frolicking among the daisies and terrorizing the hill's rodent population again.

that's that.

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