Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

I've been awake since the ungodly hour of 7 am (yes, 7 is ungodly - I'm used to waking up at either 8 or noon). Jamie, Tom, and I took Dude to the vet for his eunuchization (making up words is fun!). Poor little guy. He was freaking out when we were figuring out how to carry him, but he calmed down in the car and was pretty good. We dropped him off at the vet, and he'll be back tomorrow. And of course we ended up making ball jokes half the time. Dude is going to hate us for a while, and I don't really blame him. If I had testicles and my parents dragged me to the doctor to have them cut out, I'd be pretty mad. Ah well.

I'm almost finished with my fiction portfolio. I just have to come up with a title, intro, and one last microfiction. I even edited my long story, and I hate going back and editing things. But it's a little better, and the ending isn't as cheesy now. But picture a tranny playing the piano and singing in a nursing home... that's fun stuff.

Robertson took these photos of a very interesting snow sculpture some guys made - ah, college kids are so silly.


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