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Ahhh, just woke up from a very long nap. Last night was the writers' house party, so I didn't get much studying done, I slept less than 5 hours, woke up at 6 to study even though I could barely keep my eyes open, and had my psych final at 9 this morning. The final wasn't horribly difficult, and I think I at least passed it, though I'm not sure if I passed the course. One of the essay questions asked what I thought would be a hot topic in social psychology in 10-15 years. I said genetics and how they affect behavior. I actually thought about some of my favorite sci-fi stories, and several of them deal with genetic engineering. Heck, I've written stories involving genetically-engineered characters. So I figure that as people study genetics more and start manipulating them (ethical controversies!), they'll also study how genes affect behavior and such. Eh, I don't know... I'm not a science geek, I'm an English geek who just thinks genetic engineering is fascinating even though it's controversial and stuff.

Anyway, the party kind of sucked at first, but it got better. I made oatmeal cookies and bean dip (we had an adventure getting to Giant Eagle, the roads were horrifyingly slippery and we lost control of the car a couple times), and they were pretty good. I didn't know half the people that came, but a bunch of my friends showed up at various intervals. Nick didn't come, he wasn't feeling well, even when Emily called and told him there were a bunch of lonely girls standing under the mistletoe waiting for him. I didn't find any mistletoe at Giant Eagle, so I just printed a photo of mistletoe. It didn't work for anyone. Oh well. But we ended up watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, and that was fun.

Oh dear, I just accidentally stepped on the Dude. I was leaving the bathroom, and he has a habit of sitting outside the door when people are in there, waiting for them to come out. The hallway was dark, and I didn't see him until I felt paws under my feet and heard him yelp. He's ok, just scared, and I apologized. But that was freaky. Not the first time I've accidentally stepped on a cat, and it won't be the last. They just like to get in the way of my feet.

I wish they'd plow the sidewalks. Last time I was outside, they were all covered in a thick layer of trampled snow, and when I was going down to Carnegie from Quigley to turn in my final, I fell on my ass. Weee... not fun. Yesterday I fell on my knees while walking back from turning in my portfolio. What is it with slipping and falling when walking to/from turning in finals? Sheesh! And why do they only plow the sidewalks when there's only an inch of snow instead of when they really need it? It seems like the sidewalks are coated in piles of salt when there's no snow, but when it does snow, they don't bother to salt the walks. Silly people!

I'm hungry. I want Chinese food.

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