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Hmmm, why does my back hurt? I haven't done anything strenuous in ages. Oh well. Tonight was fun, about 2/3 of Argo went to Applebees and wreaked havoc. On the way there, Deltron sat on my lap, and on the way back, I sat on his lap. Ah, the fun of squishing lots of people into cars. And whatever I ate is giving me this weird feeling in my stomach, like the feeling the ice cream at Brooks gives me. It doesn't hurt or feel sickening, it just feels... weird. Ah well.

I finished updating my web site since it's due tomorrow, and now it looks nifty. Go see! I also recommend that you read Brightest Stars, the main story I wrote for my fiction class. I'm fairly proud of it. It's about a 26-year-old transvestite who's best friends with his 13-year-old cousin and hangs out with his wacky grandma.

Oh yes, and tomorrow night will be crazy movie night. I don't know when or what movies will be shown, but we must have a crazy movie night.

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