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you know what annoys me? codependent people. they just hang on to their significant other like a leech. and when you're with them, all they do is talk about how much they miss the person, what a perfect couple they make, how incredibly hott the other person is... and it just makes me sick. now i think it's good to be in love, and i don't mind hearing about other people's boyfriends or girlfriends, but if the other person is all the person thinks and talks about, i don't want to hear it. and then they end up putting those annoying sappy love poems everywhere, and i HATE sappy love poems!

many would say, "well, you've never been in love, so you don't know how it feels!" true, but if i ever do fall in love, i'm sure i'll still have better conversation topics for when i'm with friends who don't give a flying fuck about my significant other. ah well. and then, when the person's relationship fizzles, it's all about heartbreak, how stupid the other person is, bla bla bla. screw it. another reason i like being single.

i don't know where that little bit came from.

my social life is fading into nothingness. sure, i have friends, but i rarely see them at all. either they're too busy to see me, they're with other friends, nobody has transportation, or they just make no effort to communicate with me. sure, i rarely pick up the phone to call anyone, but i email people! and they rarely respond! argghh! oh well. i was hoping to go see "scooby doo" today, but my friend was busy so we'll go see it another day. belle is better, she's walking around, begging for shrimp, and acting like a cat. we cleaned up the basement today. go us.

eh, i'm gonna go potty and then take the angel food cake out of the oven and hope the glop on the bottom didn't screw things up too much...

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