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About last night's post... I was just annoyed and blowing stuff out of proportion. I get that way when it's late.

Anyway, crazy dreams last night! Crazy in a good way! In the first one, I only vaguely remember parts of it, but it was really cool when it was happening. I was going through this story or hearing it or something. In the part I remember, there was kind of this orange fog in the area, and the king or some important man was there. The fog faded into darkness so you couldn't see the king, and we had to walk somewhere, perhaps back to the palace. Apparently when the fog faded the man wasn't wearing anything, that's why we had to walk in darkness with these little torches. Then he or someone else was standing on a stage and telling a story, and I rolled over and jolted awake. I was really disappointed, I wanted to hear the rest of the story. I wish I could remember it, it seemed so awesome when I was dreaming it.

In the next dream, I was apparently some type of rock star, kind of like Avril Lavigne (I find that hilarious since I have no musical talent whatsoever). I was on my way to my own concert, and Jenn was with me, and I think she was going to meet up with someone there, maybe John. We were walking outside this really big building, it looked like some university place that wasn't Allegheny, and there was this long windy ramp leading to it. I think my mom was there at one point and we were talking about what color I should dye my hair. She said something about red, but I said no, I hate red (the bright red, not pretty naturalish red). She said I shouldn't dye my hair light blue, and Jenn and I just looked at each other and cracked up. Then I said I'd dye my hair purple (this has been a goal of mine since I was 16), and as we walked off I said something like, "Yay, now I can have a purple bathtub!" Ah, Alpha jokes in dreams. When we got in, there were all these teenage girls there, presumably to see me. But none of them seemed to recognize me. I wondered where I was supposed to go, the building was huge. Jenn went one way to go find John or whoever it was she was meeting, and I went to go find the stage. I went through this labyrinth of a building, and somehow I ended up on a balcony over the stage. I looked out and saw the audience, all sitting there waiting for me. I recognized several random people I knew. Then I found my way to the stage, and I think I was just wearing my everyday clothes. I wasn't quite sure to do (I haven't written many songs, and they all suck anyway), so I sang "Winter" by Tori Amos. I think I even played the piano, which was odd. I haven't played the piano since I was 11 or 12, I was never any good at it, and I have issues with singing in front of people. That was one of the main reasons I stopped acting when I was younger - they seemed to only have musical theatre stuff for kids, and I hated singing in front of people. Anyway, I looked in the audience again, this time from the side, and saw more people I knew. I said something like, "There are 8 guys in this audience, and 7 of them are gay." Of course, there were more guys than that and I knew more than 1 had to be straight. Then I guess my family was on stage with me and I didn't know what to do, so I made up some song about my sister wrote it down as I went along. Then I guess I realized I had 2 younger brothers, one's name was Gary. I got the two mixed up (they were toddlers), and Gary was this little black kid. But I sat him on my knee and said the next song was about him. I don't really remember the rest. What was that all about? I could never be a rock star.

And now back to reality. I have a final at 7 pm, my last one! Yay! Last night was quite fun, I declared a movie night, and at first, Thom, Ben, Jordan, and I watched Dragon Half (hehehe). Then Thom left and for a long time we debated what to watch. I called Nick and he said he was too tired to come over, then after he hung up I got this call from the "British Mafia" saying they were coming to kill me sometime. We had an interesting debate for a while, then the conversation deteriorated into the British Mafia making weird fish-like noises for about 10 minutes. We still debated what to watch next, and eventually Jenn and Nick showed up. We watched this really old Superman cartoon called Japoteurs, then Amelie. Hee, Amelie is such a sweet movie, it makes me so happy I want to go around doing random anonymous nice things for people and wreaking havoc in mean people's apartments! Anyway, after everyone else left, Nick and I decided we needed tortilla chips to go with all the leftover bean dip, so we walked to his car, spent a good 10 minutes dusting/scraping the snow off, then drove to Country Fair to get chips. As I was walking back to the car after wandering over to the National City ATM, he pulled out like he was going to leave. Hehe. So we went back to my house and ate like half the thing of bean dip (it was a pretty big pan of it, only a few people had eaten any on Friday and we ran out of chips then). Ah, fun stuff.

Thinking about bean dip is making me hungry. Time to shower, get dressed, and make myself some lunch.

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