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Ah, no school for almost a month. Dude is adjusting to the place. I thought he'd be friends with Mox, but Mox keeps hissing at him. Belle seems to tolerate him though, he doesn't pounce on her like Mox does. They even went nose-to-nose for a moment and nothing happened. But Mox keeps avoiding me or swats/nips me when I try to pet him. He was fine with me when I saw him a couple weeks ago, and now it's like he doesn't even recognize me. I think he's mad that I brought Dude home, and I smell like Dude too. Oh well.

My neighbor had a cookie party, and I went briefly even though I was the only one under 30 and stood off to the side eavesdropping most of the time. People kept asking about college. I was honest this time and admitted I don't like it, but I like living at the writers' house and having a kitten.

Since I have my computer set up now, I can get the address list and send out cards now. I got some at Eckerd today, they didn't have many good ones (I got the cheaper ones instead of the cuter ones I liked, but the ones I got are all right). By the way, D, thanks for the card, I love it! Hehehe...

And now, to raid the cookies my mom brought home...

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