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Just saw "Eloise." They did an excellent job of adhering to the book and adding a nice yet very predictable, cliche plotline. The acting was a little cheesy and overdone, but they had a good cast with interesting characters. The girl who played Eloise looks kind of like an older version of my cousin Kara. She was cute but could have put on a few pounds, since Eloise has a prominent belly and thick chin (yet skinny legs). Julie Andrews as Nanny was great. Decent movie, if you liked the book you might like the movie. I like the book better though, the illustrations are fun and quirky yet dignified in a way.

Hmmm, I feel like I should celebrate Yule this year instead of doing nothing like I've been doing for every holiday of the past few years. Such a lazy pagan. If I had my sculpey with me, I'd make a little pagan nativity scene. Or I could use other stuff. *shrugs* In any case, I must write and send out the cards. And buy presents. And stuff. Goodnight.

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