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Hee, dreidels are fun. My sis and I went next door (our neighbors are Jewish), and some of the neighbor kids were over and we played with dreidels and got chocolate coins. A friend of some of the neighbors came over, and she asked me if I went to the high school or if I had a sister who did. Apparently there's this girl who looks exactly like me named Bree, and people have been saying we look identical since I was a senior. She's a year older than my sis and in 9th grade. She and my sis used to be friends, they were in girl scouts together when they were younger. But I haven't seen her in years. Weird. We should get together sometime and go around in public and convince people we're twins. I think she's a bit taller than me though. My sister looks nothing like me, maybe I could trade. Hmmm.

I gave Laura her present today (the Strong Bad Sings CD), and of course she was thrilled even though she knew what it was and had requested it. Ah, it's fun to sing along to "The Cheat Is Not Dead."

4 years ago today, I got my drivers' license. Amazing, huh? Yes, I'm still alive too. I feel old. And I'm not even 21 yet (but will be in less than 5 months - watch out).

By the bye, Em, my mom said we'll have lots of free time on Saturday and Sunday, so we must get together. I'll email you my uncle's phone number sometime, yours is written down upstairs somewhere. Do you know Zoe's number? Well, I'll email her too. Yay, seeing Alpha people again! *bounces around*

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