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Hahaaaaa, I am awesome. It was something like my second time playing chess, and I totally kicked Katie's ass. I feel so... elated.

Random quotes:
"How philo can you go?" - Ade (remarking on how philosophical Laura's Christmas letter thingy was... Laura found that quite amusing and had to add that to her collection of quotes)

Katie: (singing to herself while playing dreidel with her family) I'm a gigolo, spendin' lots of dough...
(our parents and I stare at her)
Katie: What?
Ade: Do you even know what that means?
Katie: No...
Mom: Remember our talk about pimps?

Ade: (playing dreidel) I'm out of chocolate.
Dad: I'll loan you some... with interest.
Ade: Spoken like a true Jew. (the funny part is, my dad is Episcopalian)

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