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Ah, the end of the year is approaching. Perhaps I should think about renewing my therapy (that is, buying another year's paid account). I was at the neurologist a few days ago, and after explaining that I hate being on medication, refuse to take pills, and also refuse to seek any type of counseling (I'm a stubborn little bugger), she told me to go to the self-help section of a bookstore, find a book on social anxiety, and be my own therapist. So that's what I did (my mom got me the book using my Nana's old gift card, so she said it was a present from Nana... I think it's my first present from a dead person). But I forgot to mention that LJ is my therapy... it gives me somewhere to blabber, rant, and just be silly. And people read it and sometimes respond, and that's what I need. So thanks all of you, you're my therapists. Hah!

As for our random family traditions, tonight we watched "A Christmas Story" (great movie) and Katie and I got to open one present. We each got these little puzzle boxes from our aunt, uncle, and cousins, and they had money inside. We had to move the ball through the levels in the labyrinth to open the money drawer, and I got it open in around 5 minutes. It was neat, and I got $25 too (enough to refinance my therapy for a year!). Tomorrow I shall see if I can beat my neighbor at chess. I've only played twice but whipped my sis, now let's see if I can take on my neighbor. I think he's 10, but he and his brother are pretty smart and have more chess experience. Hmmm.

And Katie was harassing me about a present she hasn't opened yet. She figured it was markers by the feel of it, then asked why I bought her markers (Mom suggested it). Then she said that the markers in one of the drawers were missing and accused me of giving her "hand-me-down" markers. I was silent the whole time. Jeez, greedy little thing. I'm thinking of wrapping an empty box with a little note at the bottom that says "Greedy children don't get presents" with Santa's signature and leaving it under the tree for her. If I had some coal I'd slip it in her stocking. Yes, I'm a rotten sister, but so is she. My mom wanted us to write these nice little notes to each other, but how can I say anything nice about someone who constantly makes fun of me, smacks into me, demands that I do things for her, and is a general pain in the ass? I mean, we're sisters and we're supposed to fight, but she really overdoes it. So I wrote stuff like "You stink... less than last year."

Oh yeah, and today was Kathy's birthday. I suppose I could have called or something, but I haven't talked to her since the 4th of July and have no idea where she currently lives and what she's up to. Ah well. She's probably celebrating her 21st by getting sloshed and stoned. *shrugs*

Yeah, this entry has been kinda grumpy. Sorry, I just dislike this time of year with all the Christmasy crap, and I'm always terribly lonely over break since I rarely see my friends and usually feel irritated in the presence of my family anyway. Ah well. Happy Kwanzaa to all, and to all a good night.

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