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Ah, everyone is downstairs socializing and here I am, upstairs in the computer room. Ha! Well, later today I'm going to make crab rangoons... mmm. We got to open MORE presents. I got socks from "Hedwig" (in May, I introduced my uncle to the "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" soundtrack, and every so often he makes Hedwig references, which is fun) and lots of cooking gadgets.

Fun with typos!
Ade: well, i should probably head to bed now... or at least attempt to before exploring the room (they put me in the computer room with TOMS of books...
Ade: *tons
Em: hehe
Ade: toms of books... now that would be weird
Em: *pictures Welsh Toms made of books*

"Dad's having a sissy fit!" - Katie

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