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Ah, what a day. Got to see Em and Zoe, 'twas great. Happiness. Yes. Last night I ended up talking to Nick and a few others online for several hours. For once I went to bed feeling happy and kind of giddy.

First name? Ade
Your initials? AEC
Age? 20 years, 7 months, and 10 days
Sign? Taurus
Time of day you were born? around 8:07 pm
Nicknames? Ade, plus a ton of others that would take forever to type
What kind of car do you drive? my mom's Town & Country and sometimes my dad's Honda
How many pillows are on your bed? I sleep with 2, and there are about 4 random other ones there too
What are you wearing right now? Confluence t-shirt, gray hoodie, new gray corduroy cargo pants, black cat/dog/mouse socks, green boots, undergarments, and my pentacle
How many pictures of yourself do you have on your hard drive? ummm... I don't know. Probably 25-50. I have a ton of pictures but only a few of me since I hate having my picture taken (unless I get to ham it up)
How many of them are nude? uhhh... well there's that one of my belly, but that's not indecent... plus the ones of my bare feet which show some (hairy) leg... I think I took my pants off for those shots because it was really annoying to roll them up (hey, I was alone in my room and bored... stuff happens!)
How many pictures of yourself do you have hanging on the wall? none, though at home I have this matted photo from high school on my dresser... Heather lay under a table for the shot and I stood on the table majestically... so it looks like I'm a giant. I love it.
Do you think you are attractive? I think I'm ok. I have a decent face. My body kind of looks like a misshapen lump of play-doh, but it functions so I don't really care.
Shows you never miss? I rarely watch TV.
A show most of your friends watch that you don't? hehe Buffy! It's ok, but not something I'm really into
Do you have cable? At school, yes. At home, no.
Do you watch soaps? No way. Stupid.
Are you m/f? female, kind of androgynous but not in an ambiguous way
What is your sexual orientation? I like who I like, whether it's male, female, shemale, or whatnot. Love is gender-blind, and I don't really have a preference for any gender.
Do you enjoy giving oral sex? ...
Do you enjoy receiving oral sex? I wouldn't know
Do you like to kiss? It's kinda fun. Making out is weird though...
Fetishes? well I wouldn't call them fetishes... but I like chests and roundish bellies. And long hair, especially if it's wavy. Purty...
Ever been in a 3 way? nope, and the idea kind of gives me the jibblies.
In bed you tend to be more dominant or submissive? I think I'd be more into equality, though I'd probably end up on my back most of the time... *shrugs*
Ever been tied up? I don't think so... and I sure hope not... that would be freaky.
Ever used food in bed? sometimes I eat in bed, but I usually eat in the vicinity of the kitchen.
How long has it been since you had sex? never been there, never done that, don't plan on doing it any time soon

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