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Oy, today was exhausting. We went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and my mom and I saw the Rembrandt exhibit. It was insanely crowded, and the drawings and etchings were so tiny that really tall people would stand a foot away from the wall, shoulder to shoulder, and stare at the pictures for a long time. Very annoying. I just whizzed through it to get out of there and go see the Egyptian stuff. I like dead bodies more than old master works anyway. Mummies are cool. I feel so exhausted. We also went to a knitting store, got some stuff. I'm attempting to make a scarf. I never wear them, but I'm sure somebody wants a gray wool scarf, so once I quit tearing out the stitches and finally complete the thing, someone can have it.

We had dinner at Pop Pop's senior apartments place, the food was delightful. I just want to go to bed even though it's only 9:04. But I really just want to be alone after spending the day around people. I get that way a lot. If I spend more than a few hours around people, I get really burned out and irritated and have to be alone for a while to regenerate or something. We also stopped by my mom's childhood best friend's house for a few minutes (my family met with hers yesterday but I wasn't there). Ah, good to be in a room alone with the door shut.

Random funniness! My dad was in one of the Greco-Roman rooms at the museum by this big statue of a naked man. He was pretty much eye-level with the statue's uh, hips. This older woman asked him if he knew who the artist was. He said, "Well, from the style of this, I'd say it was Testicles." He pronounced "Testicles" Greek-style, then walked away casually. Then he bolted from the room, trying really hard not to laugh and expecting a rolled-up museum booklet upside the head. I wish I was there to see it. I laughed so hard when he told us on the way out.

My aunt asked me if I've been sleeping all right, because apparently I have heavy dark circles under my eyes. Hmmm. It usually takes me at least an hour to fall asleep, but then I'm fine, and recently I've been getting enough sleep. Hmmm...

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