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Well. First post of 2004. Yay. Yesterday I met Sarah at the mall, and we went to Chuck E Cheese's because we're mature adults like that. We ended up playing this Yo Yo Punch game a lot, and we both hit the jackpot twice. Then we went to Don Pablo's and had virgin daiquiris, then watched "Animal House" at my place and baked a pound cake. We rang in the new year in the kitchen, and Sarah said, "Why don't I hear any screaming?" At that point, Dude and Moccasin decided to play-fight, and Dude yowled a bit. Heh. A couple minutes later, we heard fireworks outside and yelling, and there were festivities at neighbor houses. We walked down to where my parents were, at a neighbor's murder mystery dinner party (my mom turned out to be the double-murderer), and I suspect my dad was a bit tipsy since he was a lot more talkative than usual. Hehehe. 2K4cake is a great tongue twister.

So I hope 2004 will be a better year. 2003 mostly sucked, though it had its redeeming qualities (kittens, Alpha, Halloween, and a couple other things). I avoid making resolutions because I never keep them. But I should be more assertive and speak up more.

It's kinda cold in the basement, so I think I'll go back to bed or something. Why did I wake up before 10 this morning?

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