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- My aunt called today, and Katie picked up and thought it was her friend Julia. So Katie started yammering away, and my aunt went along with it and said stuff like "I'm going to the dance with Brendan? Wow..." After a while, she asked Katie if she knew who she was talking to, and Katie realized she shouldn't jump to conclusions so easily. I was incredibly amused though. I bet my aunt was too.

- According to Laura, I do a great King of Town impression. Doo hoo hoo!

- I was attempting to clean my room yesterday (yes, that is very shocking... breathe, people!), and I found some pictures from a cat magazine. They were Silver Nile (a breed of Egyptian Mau) cats and kittens, and they looked a lot like Dude. So I think he might have some fancy ancestors. He came from the animal shelter so he wouldn't be a pedigree kitten or anything, but he has some oriental features in his face, body, and personality, so he's not just a mutt kitten. I found that interesting.

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