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-name: Ade
-birthplace: Lawrence Memorial Hospital, New London, CT
-eye color: gray, like a storm about to strike
-hair color: it's debatable... I say light golden brown
-height: 4'9"-ish
-righty or lefty: righty
-zodiac sign: Taurus

-your heritage: Uh... American? English, Welsh, Scottish, with bits of German, Sioux, Cherokee, and probably Irish and a few other Euro nations too...
-the shoes you wore today: Actually I think I've just worn these green socks all day...
-your weakness: socializing, schoolwork, and kittens
-your fears: friends dying, vampires, and the Tae Bo video guy with cleavage
-your perfect pizza: thin crust, a little ranch dressing, mushrooms, broccoli, several kinds of cheese... *drools*
-goal you'd like to achieve: getting something published

-your most overused phrase on aim: hehe, indeed, huzzah
-your thoughts first waking up: nooooo, I don't wanna wake up... eww, I drooled all over myself again...
-your bedtime: whenever I feel like it, usually between 11 and 2
-your most missed memory: Alpha in its entirety! Waaaaa!

-pepsi or coke: apple juice!
-mcdonald's or burger king: Wendy's!
-single or group dates: never been on a date, but I'd say single, because I tend to get really quiet in groups (unless I'm hyper)
-adidas or nike: uh... generic Payless sneakers?
-lipton ice tea or nestea: I keep forgetting which one I like more. Hmmm...
-chocolate or vanilla: strawberry!
-cappuccino or coffee: ick! Tea, I say, tea!

-smoke: Ewwwwwwwewwwwwwwewwwwwwwwwewwwwwww nononononono!
-cuss: occasionally, mostly at my computer or when driving
-sing: when I'm alone, particularly when driving (it calms me down since driving makes me nervous)
-take a shower everyday: yeah, unless I'm lazy or don't have time
-have a crush: erm... kinda... ok, yes. I do. So there.
-do you think you've been in love: I don't know. Maybe, maybe not.
-want to go to college: Not really, but I'm in college anyway
-like(d) high school: hatedithateditHATEDIT!!!!!!! People are mean. But Ms. Bryson was the bestest teacher ever, and senior year was awesome up until the end when I got appendicitis...
-want to get married: Eh, I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. If I do, it probably won't be for at least 5-10 years. I think I'd be happy living in solitude with my cats, but who knows?
-get motion sickness: nope
-think you're attractive: sometimes, depends on the time of day and my mood
-think you're a health freak: no way, I eat what I want (but usually it's kinda healthy)
-get along with your parent(s): when we're apart, yes... otherwise, it's iffy
-like thunderstorms: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
-play an instrument: used to play piano and guitar (and sometimes harmonica and dulcimer), but I hated practicing so I gave them up

in the past month...
-drank alcohol: I didn't drink any, but a few days ago my mom put a little chocolate hazelnut liquor on my ice cream and it was actually really good
-smoked: NO
-done a drug: hmmm, no, no medication of any kind
-had sex: no
-made out: *sigh* no
-gone on a date: no
-gone to the mall?: yup, don't think I bought anything though
-eaten an entire box of oreos?: nope, don't think I've ever done that
-eaten sushi: no, but I considered it
-been on stage: no
-been dumped: no
-gone skating: no
-made homemade cookies: yup!
-gone skinnydipping: no
-dyed your hair: no
-stolen anything: no

-played a game that required removal of clothing: does racing to see who can get in their pjs fastest count?
-if so, was it mixed company: nah
-been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
-been caught "doing something": like what? Playing Pokemon when I should be cleaning my room? Yeah. Looking at porn? Yeah. Masturbating? No.
-been called a tease: maybe, but in that I-rip-on-everyone sense
-gotten beaten up: not really
-shoplifted: well... when I was 7, I would occasionally swipe gum, but that was it...
-changed who you were to fit in: that failed miserably, I never fit in except among those of my own kind, the writerly geeks

-age you hope to be married: at least 25, if ever
-numbers and names of children: well, if I get married then I'll consider that later. Maybe a little girl... *shrugs*
-describe your dream wedding: If I do subject myself to a ceremony, it should be in the middle of the woods, and I will wear something green, velvet, and magnificent.
-how do you want to die: originally! Eh, I'll probably get struck by lightning while playing Age of Mythology outside in the rain
-where you want to go to college: looks like I'm stuck at Allegheny for another year and a half, but I'm coming out of my shell and starting to talk to people every so often so it's not that bad
-what do you want to be when you grow up: No growing up for me! I'll be a kid forever, even when I'm an old cat lady! And that's what want to be. Oh yes, and a successful author of young adult novels, preferrably fantasy.
-what country would you most like to visit: Mesopotamia! Or Guam, so I can say "Fuck you, I'm going to Guam!" And India.

in a guy/girl..
-best eye color? uh... not pink?
-best hair color? doesn't matter, though I seem to have a thing for long, dark, wavy hair, it just makes me go "oooh, pretty..."
-short or long hair: long! yay!
-best weight: uh, I don't know... not skinny?
-best articles of clothing: uh... pants? Green corduroy? Cargo pockets? Zip fly? On the body, not off?
-best first date location: *shrugs* just not that classic dinner-and-a-movie business, that's boring... maybe going to a museum and then hanging out at someone's house and talking for several hours
-best first kiss location: floor of my room? Dunno, seemed like a good place...

-# of drugs taken illegally: none that I know of
-# of people i could trust with my life: hmmm... I have some pretty awesome friends. 5-10, maybe
-# of CDs: 50-ish? I don't know, there are about 5 that I listen to constantly, they rotate every so often
-# of piercings: none, though I had my ears pierced when I was 8
-# of tattoos: zero
-# of scars on my body: a bunch, one that's really obvious, a few that are not-so obvious...
-# of things in my past that I regret: I'm supposed to count? Humph!

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