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I'm going to see Jack Gantos at Seton Hill tonight, anyone else going?

On Tuesday night, January 6th, from 7 to 8 PM (book signing and
reception until 9 PM) will be a free, public, author talk with
visiting guest Jack Gantos. For the past few Writing Popular Fiction
residencies, guests were Orson Scott Card, Tess Gerritsen and
Wendy's agent Donald Maass. Jack Gantos latest book, Joey Pigza
Swallowed the Key, was a National Book Award Finalist, an ALA
Notable Book of the Year and a School Library Journal Best Book of
the Year. Jack Gantos was born in Mount Pleasant, PA, but currently
resides in Boston, MA. His talk on writing will be in Cecilian Hall
at Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA.

More information about the author at:

More information about the writing program at:

I also got some pictures of my boys (Dude and Moccasin) sleeping peacefully together, they're so cute. For I am the cat lady! *wooshes about in a blanket-cape*

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